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Drill Spear
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Pierce the heavens, or at least the earth.

The Drill Spear is a Tier 6 Legendary spear type Unique Weapon found in space stations and small ship microdungeons in space.

The Drill Spear's primary attack is a variation on the standard spear thrust, with the ability to hold the attack button to keep the spear extended. Both primary and alt fires cause the drill on the end of the spear to spin and emit a whirring sound cosmetically. The primary fire in particular has a fire time of 1.2 (~0.83 full-damage stabs per second) and a base DPS of 36.75, producing a stab damage of 44.1 and a hold damage of 4.41 (based on 10% hold multiplier for conventional spears) every 0.25 seconds.

The weapon also has a unique special ability, internally called Drill Charge: upon holding the secondary attack button, the weapon will be thrust forward after a delay with the drill itself glowing orange and thruster flames coming out of the bottom of the shaft. This deals 12.25 damage and 25 knockback to enemies every 0.25 seconds and pulls the wielder in the direction of the mouse at speeds of up to 25 tiles per second (using a force with a value of 150), all while consuming 45 energy per second. If aimed straight up, the spear will greatly increase the height of the player's jumps, and slow their fall. The pulling mechanic works in zero-gravity as well, making it useful to have during a Space Encounter in case the player's Mech is destroyed. If the gravity augment is equipped to the environmental protection pack it will allow the Drill Spear to have a jetpack like function pulling the player in the direction the mouse is pointing in any environment. Also, as its name implies, this attack allows the wielder to mine blocks - specifically, it damages up to 3 layers of blocks at once every 0.15 seconds for 0.5 block damage each tick.

The red light on the shaft, as well as the drillhead and thrust flames when using the secondary attack, glow in the dark. Despite that, they emit no light themselves.


This weapon is a reference to the hit anime "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann." Its flavor text is a very direct reference to a quote from the show, as well as the appearance mimicking the main character Simon's own Drill Spear, which he had in the show's epilogue.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem drillspear
File Name drillspear.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\weapons\other\drillspear