Intestine Whip

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Intestine Whip Icon.png
Intestine Whip
Intestine Whip.png
Damage Per Swing:18
Rate of Fire:0.8
Pixels-Sell.png 2500

Intestine Whip is a unique whip. As a tier 4 universal drop, it can be found in chests on Risky and Dangerous threat level planets.

The weapon's long description reads as follows: "A large intestine, it can stretch surprisingly far."

Cosmetically, it leaves a splat of blood at the point the whip cracks at, but otherwise features no special functionality compared to the other Whips.

Like all whips, it will quickly strike the point where the cursor crosshairs are when fired. The Intestine Whip has a maximum length of 14 segments (and a minimum length of 3 segments) while being cracked; each segment is 0.375 tiles long, allowing the whip to extend up to 5.25 tiles out from its handle. If one attempts to strike something out of range, the whip will extend as far as it can in the aimed direction.

The Intestine Whip can be cracked once every 1.2 seconds. The striking end of the whip has a base DPS of 15, producing a base hit power of 18.

When upgraded at a Weapon Upgrade Anvil to tier 6, the striking end's base DPS increases to 21, producing a new base power of 25.2. Additionally, the Intestine Whip's appearance changes to the one shown below.

Intestine Whip (Upgraded).png

Apart from the addition of a gold star to the name, no other changes occur as a result of the upgrade.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem intestinewhip
File Name intestinewhip.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\weapons\whip