Small Traditional Table

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Small Traditional Table Icon.png
Small Traditional Table
Small Traditional Table.png

A delicately designed wooden table.

Small Traditional Table is a table type furniture object found in Hylotl Underwater Cities, Hylotl Underwater Ruins, Hylotl Ruined Castles and Hylotl houses on Ocean islands.

Racial Descriptions

Apex Icon.png Apex : A small table. It doesn't look very sturdy.
Avian Icon.png Avian : The flimsy legs of this table look as if they could snap at any moment.
Floran Icon.png Floran : Old table too fragile for Floran to use for chopping meat.
Glitch Icon.png Glitch : Critical. One swift kick and this table would fall apart.
Human Icon.png Human : This table wobbles quite easily.
Hylotl Icon.png Hylotl : With a table like this, every meal is a joyous experience.
Novakid Icon.png Novakid : A simple table. Don't look sturdy to me.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem hylotlclassictable2
File Name hylotlclassictable2.object
File Path assets\objects\hylotl\hylotlclassictable2