Foundry Merchant

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Foundry Merchant
Foundry Tenant.png
Sells ores and mining equipment

The Foundry Merchant is a unique Human NPC that can only be encountered as a Tenant.

Once summoned with a Colony Deed, the Foundry Merchant sells a variety of Ores in Bar form.


Item Pixel Cost
Pixels-Sell.png 180
Pixels-Sell.png 450
Pixels-Sell.png 360
Pixels-Sell.png 360
Pixels-Sell.png 270
Pixels-Sell.png 675
Pixels-Sell.png 720
Pixels-Sell.png 540

Colony Deed requirements

Required Object Tags (Boxes) Rent Table Rent Timeframe Quests?
Foundry (18) Merchant 15~30 minutes Yes