Agaran Merchant

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Agaran Merchant
Mushroom Tenant.png
Shroomy salesman selling stuff

The Agaran Merchant is a unique Agaran NPC that can only be encountered as a Tenant.

Once summoned with a Colony Deed, the Agaran Merchant sells Mushroom-based items. Their goods will change depending on the level of the planet they spawn on. Merchants on Tier 1 planets will sell a variety of non-edible items, while those on Tier 2 or higher planets will sell foods made using mushrooms.

Purchasing food from Agaran merchants will not add them to the player's Cooking Collections Library.


Tier 1

Item Pixel Cost
Pixels-Sell.png 5
Pixels-Sell.png 7
Pixels-Sell.png 600
Pixels-Sell.png 75

Tier 2 & up

Item Pixel Cost
Pixels-Sell.png 80
Pixels-Sell.png 170
Pixels-Sell.png 130

Colony Deed requirements

Required Object Tags (Boxes) Rent Table Rent Timeframe Quests?
Mushroompatch (18) Merchant 15~30 minutes No