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Glitch Crown
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Glitch Crown is a cosmetic headpiece worn by Glitch King NPCs.

After the 1.4 update, the Glitch Crown was possible to obtain through normal gameplay, but at its current state, it is very hard to get.


To obtain the Glitch Crown, follow the steps below carefully.

1. The Peacekeeper storyline will have to be completed first.

2. You will need to complete each procedural generated villain group until you reach a group that has a Glitch Crown as a hat (this is indicated by the crown being tall with 3 red gems on it). This can be difficult as these group hats are not predictable.

3. Once you have reached a group that does have a Glitch Crown as a hat, continue through the storyline, arresting and slaying enemies.

4. At some point, you may reach a bounty of this group that offers you a deal: his hat in exchange for his release.

5. Accept his deal, and he will drop his hat, but unfortunately he will be freed.

6. At this point, if you have room in your inventory, you will have obtained the Glitch Crown.



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Spawn Command /spawnitem glitchroyalhead
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