Gold Set

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Gold set
Gold Set.png
Power Multiplier Stat.png     150%
Protection Stat.png     60
Max Energy Stat.png     30
Max Health Stat.png     30
Pixels-Sell.png 0

Gold Set is a craftable armor set which can be purchased from merchants. It has similar stats to tier 3 racial armor crafted from titanium.

In early beta it was craftable, but the crafting recipe was removed in update rampaging koala.

Set Pieces

Gold Helmet Icon.png
Gold Helmet
Gold Helmet.png
Power Multiplier    45%
Armor Boost    18
Max Energy Boost    9
Max Health Boost    9
A sturdy helmet covered with solid gold.
Uncommon Pixels-Sell.png 1920
Gold Chestpiece Icon.png
Gold Chestpiece
Gold Chestpiece.png
Power Multiplier    75%
Armor Boost    30
Max Energy Boost    15
Max Health Boost    15
This glittering chestpiece is made from solid gold.
Uncommon Pixels-Sell.png 3200
Gold Greaves Icon.png
Gold Greaves
Gold Greaves.png
Power Multiplier    30%
Armor Boost    12
Max Energy Boost    6
Max Health Boost    6
Gold greaves for those who prefer to wear their wealth.
Uncommon Pixels-Sell.png 1280