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An early example of Mollygos Teleporting
Beaming is the method of transporting oneself between planets and ships. Players are able to beam to other players ships, as well as their own. As of Beta v. Enraged Koala, beaming is confined to the surface of planets, so players underground will have to journey back to the surface before returning to a ship. On the ship, there is a teleportation pad that allows the player to beam to the surface of the planet they are orbiting, or directly Home.

Certain planets require special gear; players will be unable to beam to these planets unless they meet the requirements. For example, you will need a radiation EPP for planets with high levels of radiation.

Players can activate beam transport by clicking the 'Teleport Button' in the UI. On planets, this button has an arrow pointing up, and on ships, the arrow is pointing down. Each planet has a default point that players will beam down to, but players will eventually have the ability to craft an object to relocate their spawn point on the planet.

As of Spirited Giraffe, a small animation plays during a teleport after the initial beam up/down and lasts until arrival at the destination.

Teleporting has been seen in many live streams of gameplay. It was shown first by Tiy in this video on his Twitter.[1]


The player is able to beam back up to the ship from underground if the background is removed and they are still close to the surface. It is unknown if this is intentional or not.

This is an outdated video, there is NO animation (in the middle of teleportation) and other things like graphics and the ship itself are from older versions.