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An early example of Mollygos Teleporting

Beaming is the method of transporting oneself to pre-determined locations around the universe. Players are able to beam up to their ships from most remote locations. In multiplayer, players may also beam to the ships belonging to their party members.

Aside from the use of teleporters, beaming can be initiated using the "Beam Button" on the UI. When on a player's ship that is in low orbit of a planet or moon, this button shows a down arrow and triggers beaming down to the surface of the orbited body. If the ship is not in an appropriate orbit, the button is disabled. When on any location other than a player ship, this button shows an up arrow and triggers a beam up to the player's ship. Depending on the difficulty mode, if the player is on a celestial world (i.e., a planet, moon, or asteroid field) this button may be disabled unless the player is outdoors on or above the surface (i.e., with open sky and background tiles). When on non-celestial worlds, beam up is usually unrestricted.

When interacting with a ship teleporter, players may beam down to the orbited planet, if any, as well as to other previously visited and bookmarked teleportation targets, such as the Outpost, racial flags, and other teleporters. If the player has a functional mech, they may also use the ship teleporter to deploy their mech down to the orbited planet, moon, asteroid field, space station, ship, or anomaly. When using a non-ship teleporter, mech deployment is not possible, and the player's location choices are limited to their ship and their bookmarked teleporter locations. Teleporters may be used to initiate beaming from any location, including underground, regardless of difficulty mode.

In addition to the ship's teleporter, the player may also beam to specific mission environments by interacting with the shipboard SAIL after being assigned these missions.

On the first visit to each planet, a default beam-in point is assigned, but the game may change this point if the planet's terrain is disrupted, e.g., if the beam-in site becomes covered. If players wish to arrive at a specific point on the planet, they will need to use a racial flag or teleporter to bookmark that point.

Teleporting has been seen in many live streams of gameplay. It was shown first by Tiy in this video on his Twitter.[1]


  • The teleportation animation that plays while the player teleports covers for the game while it loads the new world and unloads the previous world.
  • The term "beaming" is a reference to the colloquial name for teleportation used in Star Trek.