Impervium Compound

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Impervium Compound
Crafting Material
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This compound possesses incredible durability.

Removed: No Longer Available

Impervium Compound was removed from the game files, and is no longer obtainable.
It was included as placeholder content during early access, and replaced before full release

Impervium Compound was a crafting material made by smelting Refined Violium and a Gold Bar together in an Atomic Furnace.

The crafting schematic for Impervium Compound was learned automatically after picking up Refined Violium. After picking up Impervium Compound for the first time, players would automatically learn the crafting schematics for Impervium Chair, Impervium Door, Impervium Light, Impervium Console, Impervium Bed, and Impervium Table.

It was removed in update Cheerful Giraffe. The armor that was crafted using it are now made using Solarium Star.

Impervium, in the real world, was created by the late inventor Walter Gutierrez, and its trademark and manufacturing rights currently belong to his heirs. The real life Impervium and its sister product Impervicon are in fact compounds made of a fiber stronger that concrete and wood useful for a variety of applications like those mentioned in this game, though Mr. Gutierrez was convicted in Los Angeles in 1986, along with business associates Michael & Peggy DuPont, on tax evasion and other charges in connection with the misrepresentation of the product. Starbound's infringement of the trademark was not litigated because the family loves the game. [Note: References were posted here, but the links to the LA Times and San Diego Reporter references were rejected by the Starbound Wiki security for some reason]



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem imperviumcompound
File Name imperviumcompound.item
File Path assets/items/generic/crafting