Fatal Circuit

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Removed: No Longer Available

Fatal Circuit was removed from the game files, and is no longer obtainable.
It was included as placeholder content during early access, and replaced before full release

Active Robot.png

Tier 2 Boss

Fatal Circuit
Planet Lv :2+
Active Robot.png

Atk. type : Melee and Range
Flying : No
Rarity : Boss

Tier : 2
Fatal Circuit is the tier 2 boss, triggered by activating Inactive Robot. Its design schematics were made from plans originally created by the Glitch, one of whom secreted a monster brain into the chassis, with the end result being that the resulting robot was "uncontrollably monstrous". The codex entry on Fatal Circuit says that the original plans were buried in a landfill and then stolen and copied; it is unknown how the player character gets his or her hands on them.

Once the Inactive Robot is put in the floor and triggered with E, it will activate and immediately begin trying to kill the player. The boss is level 20 and attacks the player with both melee attacks and a ranged flamethrower attack.

The boss will drop five Processors used in the crafting of Robotic Crafting Table, along with Fatal Circuit, a codex entry about the boss.

Total cost

The total cost to craft an Inactive Robot, including crafting necessary parts, is:

Summoned Using: Inactive Robot
Fighting Strategy: The boss uses both melee attacks and a ranged flamethrower. Try to keep from staying too close and use walls to protect from flamethrower damage
Item Drops : Processor Icon.png Processor


Crouch (Press S) then attack Fatal Circuit with any weapon. NOTE: This won't help you dodge most of Fatal Circuit's attacks, but you'll deal more damage than you take if done properly. Also, building a wall with a door in it, then attacking him from behind the door is also effective. His hit box is too big to get through the standard door.