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Codex are various entries of lores and information which is kept in your codex book. It consists of the .codex file which contains the text, the .codexitem which is the physical object, and the icon which is the image of the physical object.

A special file separate from codex is the codex.config file. This file adds specific codex entries when a new game is started by the player.

This file (codex.config) can be merged using

  "__merge" : [],
  "initialcodex" : {
    "glitch" : [ "nameofnewentry" ]


  "id" : "ancientprayer",
  "title" : "An Ancient Avian Prayer",
  "contentPages" : [

    "^pink;Almighty Sunborn^white;
We spread our wings and fly
Guide us as we soar
Deliver us from turbulence
And save us from the ground.",

    "May your wisdom guide us
May your augurs watch us
May your glory enlighten us
^#ff1183;Almighty Sunborn^##FFFFFF;
Carry us on golden wings."

Variable Description
Id This is the reference name of the codex entry (not shown in game)
Title Title of Codex Entry (shown in game)
Content Pages The content of the codex


Paragraphs are represented by double quotes and ends with a comma. One page supports upto (?)350 characters. If you go past this point, the text will go beyond the window. New pages are auto generated as long as you create new paragraphs. Keep in mind the last paragraph in the content page does not require a comma following it, the same as any JSON data entry.

Color Codes

Codex entries like Quests entries, support color codes. Two types of color codes are supported; named colors and hex colors. To use a color code you use a ^ (caret) to start then either the full hexcode (including pound symbol) or named color then end it with a semi colon. For example ^green; or ^#00FF00; would both produce green text. Now all text following this code will become green. So make sure after the word or selection of words that need to be highlighted, you go back to your base color code (default white)

Known Named Colors : Pink, White, Green, Blue, Red