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Frames dictate the name associated with each individual frame in a sprite sheet. This can represent color, animation sequence, or just an individual frame. Though, how you create your sprite sheet really does not matter - as long as the named is sequenced and named correctly. It is standard protocol to keep the same continuous animations within the same row, and variations kept in different rows.

Important Notes

Frames file extension is .frames
Frames file must have the exact same name as the image file it is pointing too. example - example.png / example.frames
null is used to define frames which are blank or to be ignored
Animation sequences are followed with a sequential number extension - example default.1 default.2 default.3
default is the standard name used for single frames - or single loop animation

Frame Example


Image is not to scale.

  "frameGrid" : {
    "size" : [48, 23],
    "dimensions" : [4, 2],

    "names" : [
      [ "idle", null, null, "bracket" ],
      [ "attack.1", "attack.2", "attack.3", "attack.4" ]
    "aliases" : {
    "default.default" : "attack.1"

Aliases was added for example sake - not part of original turret frame code.

Variable Description
Size [ x, y] Size of an individual frame in pixels
Dimensions [ x, y ] Number of frames in sprite sheet. X = Horizontal frames Y = Vertical rows. Including Null
Name The array which holds the name of each individual frame. Each row is in its own bracket [ ]. All frames must be named.
Aliases Alternate name ( Not required for every frame file )