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Developers contains the assets for various developer specific Cosmetic Armors, which is not obtainable through normal gameplay.

itemNameFilenameWiki PageRarityDescription
Banchestban.chestBan's chestCommonNo staring.
Banheadban.headBan's HairCommon300% Hair.
Banlegsban.legsBan's BootsCommonKinky boots.
Bartweheadbartwe.headBartwe's GlassesRareMay or may not grant Code-Vision(tm)
Georgechestgeorge.chestGeorge's Chest SwagRareA sexy combination of an awesome jacket and a stylish green shirt made specifically for George. Be in awe!
Georgeheadgeorge.headRareSome sexy glasses that belong to George. Can you handle them!?
Georgelegsgeorge.legsGeorge's Sexy PantsRareSome form fitting and sexy pants made specifically for George's bodacious curves! Bask in the glory!
Kyrenchestkyren.chestKyren's TopCommonLook like Kyren with this top.
Kyrenheadkyren.headKyren's GlassesCommonLook like Kyren with these glasses.
Kyrenlegskyren.legsKyren's SkirtCommonLook like Kyren with this skirt.
Mollychestmolly.chestMolly's Dress (Top)CommonLook like Molly with this dress top.
Mollyheadmolly.headMolly's GlassesCommonThese glasses give +10 to Hipster.
Mollylegsmolly.legsMolly's Dress (Bottom)CommonLook Like Molly with this dress.
Rhochestrho.chestRho (Chest)CommonTHE ONE, THE ONLY.
Rhoheadrho.headRho (Head)CommonNOW YOU GOT GLOWY EYES.
Rholegsrho.legsRho (Legs)CommonTHOSE SHOES ARE MINE BETCH.
Tiychesttiy.chestTiy's Shirt and ScarfCommonThis shirt belongs to Tiy, what are you doing with it?
Tiyheadtiy.headTiy's HatCommonThis hat belongs to Tiy, what are you doing with it?
Tiylegstiy.legsTiy's PantsCommonThese pants belong to Tiy, what are you doing with them?