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The Crafting directory contains items that are primarily used as ingredients in crafting.

itemNameFilenameWiki PageRarityDescription
Aegisaltbaraegisaltbar.itemAegisalt BarRareIt's an aegisalt bar.
Ceruliumbarceruliumbar.itemCerulium BarRareIt's a Cerulium bar.
Ceruliumcompoundceruliumcompound.itemCerulium CompoundLegendaryThis compound emits an incredible amount of energy.
Circuitboardcircuitboard.itemCommonIt's a typical circuit board.
DiamondoreDiamondore.itemCommonDiamond ore. Can be used for smelting or repairs. Pick up ore and right click mining tool to repair.
Feroziumbarferoziumbar.itemFerozium BarLegendaryIt's a Ferozium bar.
Feroziumcompoundferoziumcompound.itemFerozium CompoundLegendaryThis compound shines with an almost otherworldly quality.
Glowfibreblueglowfibreblue.itemBlue Glow FibreCommonBulbous, Bioluminescent plant fibres. They glow greenish blue!
Glowfibregreenglowfibregreen.itemGreen Glow FibreCommonBioluminescent plant fibres. They glow a dazzling bright green!
Glowfibreorangeglowfibreorange.itemOrange Glow FibreCommonA handful of bioluminescent orange plant fibres.
Glowfibreyellowglowfibreyellow.itemYellow Glow FibreCommonBulbous, Bioluminescent plant fibres. They glow yellow!
Gunpowdergunpowder.itemGunpowderCommonThis black powder is useful for crafting explosives.
Imperviumbarimperviumbar.itemLegendaryIt's an impervium bar.
Imperviumcompoundimperviumcompound.itemImpervium CompoundLegendaryThis compound possesses incredible durability.
Refinedrubiumrefinedrubium.itemRefined RubiumRareRubium distilled to its purest form.
Rubiumbarrubiumbar.itemRareIt's a Rubium bar.
Rubiumorerubiumore.itemRareRubium ore. Can be used for smelting.
Solariumrodsolariumrod.itemUncommonIt's a solarium rod.
Steelbarsteelbar.itemCommonIt's a steel bar. Useful for crafting much stronger weapons, armour and more!
Violiumbarvioliumbar.itemLegendaryIt's a Violium bar.


File Description
.item filetype for generic items.
.png Image files for tooltips and icons. Contains the sprites used for displaying items in-game.