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Axe contains object settings and assets for Avian racial axe weapons for all tiers.

itemNameFilenameWiki PageRarityDescription
Aviantier10axeaviantier10axe.swordSunborn FurylegendaryA sharp, powerful gilded axe.
Aviantier1axeaviantier1axe.swordTiny TomahawkcommonA small, versatile axe.
Aviantier2axeaviantier2axe.swordTomahawkcommonA sturdy, versatile axe.
Aviantier3axeaviantier3axe.swordHawkwinguncommonA small axe with some feathers attached.
Aviantier4axeaviantier4axe.swordDove of WaruncommonA bird shaped war axe.
Aviantier8axeaviantier8axe.swordThe Poliwanta CleankillrareA sharp axe decorated with beautiful plumage.