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Excited is one of 14 personality types which an NPC can have. NPCs with this personality type just can't contain their anticipation, so they tend to jump around a lot.

Special Reactions

Excited NPCs gain the following reactions (see Personality for the defaults which are overridden by this personality's reactions):

  • Spontaneous: Jump for Joy or Smile
  • Has Quest: Jump for Joy
  • Near Player: Jump for Joy
  • Cheerful: Jump for Joy
  • Excited: Jump for Joy
  • Wink: Jump for Joy
  • Love: Jump for Joy
  • Jump for Joy: Smile (~43.5%), Jump for Joy (~43.5%) or Follow (~13.0%)
  • Comfort: Jump for Joy
  • Music Finished: Jump for Joy
  • Videogame Complete: Jump for Joy
  • Gong Complete: Jump for Joy
  • Drum Complete: Jump for Joy
  • Default: Jump for Joy

In addition, Excited NPCs can use Jump for Joy after any other reaction.

Special Status Messages

In addition to generic status messages, Excited NPCs may decide to use the following status messages:

Excited Status Messages

  • Knows it's going to be great
  • Just can't wait
  • Feeling excited
  • Can't calm down
  • Feeing hyperactive
  • Can't believe it
  • Trembling with excitement
  • Feeling exhilarated
  • Feels like dancing
  • Can't sit still
  • Feeling impulsive
  • Full of beans
  • Hyperventilating
  • Has butterflies in their tummy
  • Can't stop giggling
  • Feeling full of gumption
  • Feeling spirited
  • Questioning their sugar levels
  • Anticipating
  • Unable to calm down
  • Playing the game
  • Seizing the moment
  • Feeling aggressive
  • Feeling influenced
  • Risking everything
  • Feeling angry
  • Feeling furious
  • Unable to contain themselves
  • Flowing
  • Feeling frisky
  • Feeling boisterous