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Flirty is one of 14 personality types which an NPC can have. NPCs with this personality type are very interested in romance, attempting to seduce everyone they meet.

Special Reactions

Flirty NPCs gain the following reactions (see Personality for the defaults which are overridden by this personality's reactions):

  • Near NPC: Wave or Wink
  • Near Player: Flirt with Player
  • Neutral: Annoyed or Quit
  • Bored: Annoyed or Quit
  • Vomit: Annoyed or Quit
  • Wink: Wink (~43.5%), Love (~43.5%) or Follow (~13.0%)
  • Nosebleed: Wink (~43.5%), Love (~43.5%) or Follow (~13.0%)
  • Love: Love (~76.9%) or Follow (~23.1%)
  • Comfort: Love (~76.9%) or Follow (~23.1%)
  • Follow: Wink
  • Go Home: Follow
  • Chase: Wink
  • Default: Wink

In addition, Flirty NPCs can use Wink after any other reaction.

Special Status Messages

In addition to generic status messages, Flirty NPCs may decide to use the following status messages:

Flirty Status Messages

  • Finds the local flora seductive
  • Hoping to meet their perfect match
  • Feeling broody
  • Likes you in that outfit
  • Feeling hormonal
  • Has never felt this way before
  • Feeling groovy, baby
  • Has been reading erotic literature
  • Ashamed of their thoughts
  • Unable to control themselves
  • Playing the field
  • Nervous about a date
  • Finding it hard to control their desires
  • Just trying to make friends
  • Looking for something long-term
  • Considering online dating
  • Insatiable
  • Very open-minded
  • Feeling flirtatious
  • Wants to know what love is
  • Flirty
  • Developing a crush
  • Looking for romance
  • Romantically frustrated
  • Needs a massage
  • Needs a cold shower
  • Has a gun in their pocket
  • Wishes flirting was as easy as fighting monsters
  • Telling themselves they're not a stalker
  • Can't decide if they're hot or not
  • Loves the way you handle that matter manipulator