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Have you ever wanted to create a submarine base without having to clean water every time you enter? So this tutorial is for you!


This tutorial will be divided in parts.

first off, we will start by choosing the right place to setup, then we will place the doors and the logic and finally we will wire everything up. There is two editions of the airlock, one minimalistic, and another version if there is not anymore water in the ocean (It's a tiny modification) .

Choosing the right location

The best place to set up is at the bottom of an ocean planet. You can also use an island or try it in your own ship.

Setting Up

Start by creating a little house underwater, and cover all the water by block, to make the ocean water be replaced by normal water (The ocean water is infinite and cannot be drained).

This requires :

- one or more drain (two to be safe and faster);
- Two doors (I'm using a lunar base blastdoor and a Human Ship door);
- One liquid sensor;
- Two NOT gates;
- One wall lever (not the tiny ones because they have no input);
- Two buttons;
- Some light sources and blocks;

The Wiring

Connect the liquid sensor to the first inverter and then connect the first inverter to the inner door. Then connect all the buttons to the lever input and connect the lever to the external door. Connect the second inverter input to the lever and the drain outputs.


Now you've got a fully functional airlock system for your underwater base!

And now this kind of airlock is obsolete :