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See this page for files that munge together all the options available in a file of any given extension. Note that free-form entries may result in extra fields that should not be interpreted as a required variable.

JSON File Types
Extension Description General Category Wiki Page
.animation Defines the animations. Animation_(JSONObject)
.augment Augmentation Items that can apply to armor or usable's.
.back Armor or other item worn in the back slot.
.beamaxe The Matter Manipulation tool.
.chest Items worn in the chest slot.
.cinematic Small or long animations.
.codexitem Readable books.
.config General top-level configuration.
.consumable Items you can use, like bandages and food.
.flashlight Flashlight.
.frames Defines the layout of a sprite sheet.
.grass Objects that litter the ground.
.gun Projectile weapon
.harvestingtool Hoe.
.head Items worn above the neck.
.instrument Musical instrument.
.item General objects that can show up in inventory.
.legs Items worn in the leg slot.
.miningtool Tools that can break material blocks.
.monstertype Monsters
.npctype Non-player characters.
.object Objects that can be placed in the world. Modding:Lua/Variables/Objects
.recipe Defines how items can be obtained from vendors or crafting tables.
.surfacebiome [Surfacebiome_%28File_Extension%29]
.sword Melee weapon