Pilot Set

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Pilot Set
All Armor
Pilot Set.png
Power Multiplier Stat.png     %
Protection Stat.png     
Max Energy Stat.png     
Max Health Stat.png     
Pixels-Sell.png 0
Pilot Set is a cosmetic armor set. It also includes the Pilot's Backpack as a back item.

Set Pieces

Pilot Goggles Icon.png
Pilot Goggles
Pilot Goggles.png
Goggles, soon to be used in some steampunk cosplay.
Legendary Pixels-Sell.png 5000
Pilot's Jacket Icon.png
Pilot's Jacket
Pilot's Jacket.png
The armpits are a little frayed, this coat must have seen a lot of flapping.
Legendary Pixels-Sell.png 5000
Pilot's Trousers Icon.png
Pilot's Trousers
Pilot's Trousers.png
These trousers will make the wearer want to shout, 'Top Ho Squiffy!'
Legendary Pixels-Sell.png 5000
Pilot's Backpack Icon.png
Pilot's Backpack
Pilot's Backpack.png
May or may not contain a functioning parachute.
Legendary Pixels-Sell.png 5000