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This is a property of type String. It defines the station and tab that each crafting recipe is associated with.

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Recipe/16gbpasty +craftingfood, mains  +
Recipe/2kbpotage +craftingfood, sides  +
Recipe/3dprinter +inventorstable3, craftingstations, all  +
Recipe/8gbpizzap +craftingfood, mains  +
Recipe/acceleratoraddon +inventorstable3, craftingstations, all  +
Recipe/adaptablecrossbow +treasuredtrophies  +
Recipe/aegisaltbow +craftingaccelerator, weapons, all  +
Recipe/aegisaltpistol +craftingaccelerator, weapons, all  +
Recipe/airlockdoor +craftingfurniture, doors, all  +
Recipe/airlockhatch +craftingfurniture, doors, all  +
Recipe/alarm +craftingwiring, mechanics  +
Recipe/alienbed +craftingfurniture, beds, all  +
Recipe/alienchair +craftingfurniture, decoration, all  +
Recipe/alienchest +craftingfurniture, storage, all  +
Recipe/aliendoor +craftingfurniture, doors, all  +
Recipe/alienfruitjam +craftingfood, condiments  +
Recipe/alienfruitjuice +craftingfood, drinks  +
Recipe/alientable +craftingfurniture, decoration, all  +
Recipe/ancientalphabet +treasuredtrophies  +
Recipe/and +craftingwiring, logic  +
Recipe/antidote +craftingmedical, healing  +
Recipe/apegrapes +craftingfood, desserts  +
Recipe/apexcommanderjacket +craftingwheel, clothes  +
Recipe/apexcommanderpants +craftingwheel, clothes  +
Recipe/apexfritter +craftingfood, mains  +
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