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This is a property of type String.

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Alienrock +Floran like sstrange rocks.  +
Alienstripedwood +SSssstripey wood. Makess sstripey housse!  +
Ancientblock +Ancient blocksss.  +
Ancientbrick +Ancient carved brickss.  +
Ancientplatform +Platform made with sstrange technology.  +
Apexshipdetails +Ssstrong bolted metal.  +
Apexshipplatform +Sstrong sship platform.  +
Apexshipsupport +Ssship sstructural ssupport.  +
Apexshipwall +Metal panel makess ssmooth wall.  +
Ash +Big bunch of ashess.  +
Asphalt +Sssticky asphalt ssmelly like tar.  +
Aztecmaterial +Floran cannot undersstand ssymbolss.  +
Aztectech +Brickss covered in sstrange markingss.  +


Bamboo +Fresssh bamboo stalkss.  +
Bambooplatform +Floran grow sstrong bamboo for platformsss.  +
Bars +Sstrong metal barsss.  +
Baseboard +Fancy wall boardsss.  +
Bigapescreen +Floran thinksss ssso-called 'big' ape not so big.  +
Biorock +Floran likess yellow glowing rockss.  +
Biorock2 +Blue rockss faintly glow.  +
Blackblock +...  +
Blackglass +Floran can hide behind dark glasss.  +
Blaststone +Ssharp rockss are sstrong.  +
Blueneonsymbol +Floran like glowy ssymbolss.  +
Bonematerial +Bonesss!  +
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