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This is a property of type String.

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Alienrock +Amazed. This rock is of an alien origin.  +
Alienstripedwood +Interested. It appears the stripes present in this wood are the result of materials that repel one another.  +
Ancientblock +Amazed. These blocks are evidently very old.  +
Ancientbrick +Impressed. These ancient bricks have withstood the ravages of time.  +
Ancientplatform +Confused. There is technology at work in this ancient platform I do not understand.  +
Apexshipdetails +Secure. This metal wall has been reinforced with strong bolts.  +
Apexshipplatform +Informed. Platforms like this are used in space ship construction.  +
Apexshipsupport +Informed. Supports like this are often used in ship construction.  +
Apexshipwall +Impressed. These removable panels are smooth and strong.  +
Ash +Curious. A pile of packed ash.  +
Asphalt +Disgusted. Readings suggest aesthetic value of asphalt is below 2%.  +
Aztecmaterial +Fascinated. I do not know what these glyphs say.  +
Aztectech +Curious. These blocks are made from an unknown artificial material.  +


Bamboo +Hopeful. The bamboo colour indicates it was cut recently.  +
Bambooplatform +Hopeful. This bamboo platform is incredibly strong.  +
Bars +Distressed. Metal bars like this can be found in Glitch dungeons.  +
Baseboard +Curious. Baseboards are not commonly found in Glitch construction.  +
Bigapescreen +Alarmed. These video clips contain numerous subliminal messages.  +
Biorock +Curious. Microscopic bacteria in this rock are glowing a faint yellow.  +
Biorock2 +Perplexed. There's a faint blue glow coming from the bacteria in this rock.  +
Blackblock +...  +
Blackglass +Interested. This glass has been so darkly tinted it is almost not transparent.  +
Blaststone +Amazed. Intense heat have fused minerals into this blaststone.  +
Blueneonsymbol +Interested. The meaning of this symbol is unknown.  +
Bonematerial +Horrified. Bones from a variety of sources packed together.  +
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