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This is a property of type String.

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Alienrock +Some kinda alien lookin' rock.  +
Alienstripedwood +This here wood's all covered in stripes.  +
Ancientblock +These blocks are older'n dirt.  +
Ancientbrick +Some mighty old lookin' bricks.  +
Ancientplatform +Some strange lookin' tech in this platform.  +
Apexshipdetails +Strong lookin' wall made from metal.  +
Apexshipplatform +This platform's strong enough t'keep from gettin' boot scuffed.  +
Apexshipsupport +Made for holdin' spaceships together.  +
Apexshipwall +A panel made outta metal.  +
Ash +Big ol' pile of ash.  +
Asphalt +It's a mash of sticky oil an' rocks.  +
Aztecmaterial +Some kinda ol' lookin' symbols.  +
Aztectech +Sturdy lookin' bricks all marked up with symbols.  +


Bamboo +Some chopped bamboo.  +
Bambooplatform +Bamboo hung up like a platform.  +
Bars +Some strong lookin' metal bars.  +
Baseboard +Some fancy wall moulding.  +
Biorock +This rock is glowin' yellow but not givin' off any heat.  +
Biorock2 +This blue rock is shinin' a bit.  +
Blackglass +Glass so dark the sun'll hardly shine through.  +
Blaststone +These tough rocks are mighty sharp.  +
Blueneonsymbol +A block with some sorta glowin' symbol.  +
Bonematerial +Bunch of bones. Who needs 'em!  +
Bookpiles +Some dusty books. Who doesn't love t'hear a good story?  +
Brains +Some fleshy brainstuff.  +
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