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This is a property of type Boolean.

It refers to whether items are consumable or not. For example, food, bandages and stim packs are all consumable items. Breakable objects like pixel capsules and boss summoning items are not, however; those are classed as breakable.

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"No Escape" Graffiti +false  +


'Waz' Graffiti +false  +


... +false  +


10k Voxel +false  +
1k Voxel +false  +


2 Stop Teleshop +false  +
2 Stop Teleshop Teleporter +false  +
2k Voxel +false  +


5k Voxel +false  +


A Child's Rhyme +false  +
A Floran's Goal +false  +
A Folk Tale +false  +
A Glitch poster +false  +
A Greenguard's Journal 8 +false  +
A Hylotl Introduction +false  +
A Hylotl Journey Begins +false  +
A Lament +false  +
A Ludicrous Annoyance +false  +
A Note on Sunborn Corpses +false  +
A Pleasant Town +false  +
A Prayer to Kluex +false  +
A Rude Awakening +false  +
A Scribbled Note +false  +
A Strange Encounter +false  +
A Tasty Beverage +false  +
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