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Starbound 1.4: Bounty Hunter Update
<img src="https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/clans/4471358/961f031e792b8323e4f00cfa1890fed1817aa4f2.gif" />

We're excited to announce the release of St...
Katzeus 2019-06-13 14:52:56
1.3.3 Hotfix Patch Notes
Original Post[playstarbound.co...
mollygos 2017-10-18 16:18:10
Starbound 1.3.2 Changelog

Starbound has been updated with some minor gameplay changes and bug fixes. Everyone on Steam should see the update immediately, but those on GOG and Humble may need to wait a lit...
mollygos 2017-07-18 14:55:56
Starbound 1.3.1 Changelog
Hey everyone!

<img src="https://steamcommunity-a.akamaihd.net/economy/emoticon/SBmm" alt=":SBmm:" class="emoticon"> We've just released a Starbound update with some minor changes a...
mollygos 2017-06-19 13:31:01
Starbound 1.3 - Spacefarer Update
Hello! Starbound 1.3 - Spacefarer Update is here!
mollygos 2017-06-08 14:40:02