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The weapon infobox provides a format for information and images on weapon pages. To add a new weapon or edit an existing one, go to the Weapon Form page and enter the name of the gun you wish to add or edit, to be taken to a form for easy editing.

A Sandbox of this template can be found here.

Most damage and speed details are automatically passed in from data pages for ease of updating.

If you want to manually add (or edit) an infobox to a weapon's page, read below for more information. The infobox should be pasted above the main text of the item's page.

Unknown Icon.png
Titanium Sword
Titanium Sword.png
DPS: 0
Swing Speed: 0
Damage Per Swing: 0
Pixels-Sell.png 0
|name         = 
|icon         = 
|image        = 
|width        = 
|tier         = 
|rarity       = 
|ammo         =
|damage       = 
|hands        =

The fields for the infobox are provided below, if the value is not known just leave it blank and nothing will appear. It can be filled in later. There can be up to 9 crafting ingredients listed, just adjust the ing lines as required.

There is a sandbox to preview your infobox here. Feel free to modify that page to see how the infobox works.

  • name= (The Items Name, shown at top of box)
  • icon= (Icon filename, must first be uploaded at 36x36px. If unknown, leave blank.)
  • image= (Name of the image shown in the main area, must be first uploaded)
  • width= (width of the main img, leave blank to default to img size)
  • tier= (What tier the item corresponds to, if any)
  • rarity= (Rarity, listed at the bottom of the item window)
  • ammo= (Name of the ammo the weapon uses, .png will be added to the name to make the image appear. Only a few weapons need this)
  • damage= (Damage Per Swing value)
  • hands= (Number of hands required, will automatically add "- Handed" under title bar)
  • foundin= (Location the object is found in ; Avian Tomb, Glitch Village, etc.)