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posted 792 days ago

That's a good suggestion! It's been working well on the other big wiki I work on - I'll set get that setup.

posted 796 days ago

Yes, the standard on the wiki (and for objects in the game as well) is capitalizing every word. I would prefer not to have redirects for the lower case variants as it'll add thousands of redirects and each one would incrementally increase server load. Direct links are much cleaner and keep the wiki working better, even if they'll be more work to maintain.

posted 803 days ago

This is a fine place - yeah I think it's a missing something that's not properly closing or something. It doesn't seem to be breaking anything - but I'll do some digging. Thanks!

posted 812 days ago

Welcome to Starbounder! I'm Katzeus, an administrator here. Please contact me if you have any questions or I can help with anything!