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posted 726 days ago

Exactly, trying history intact is why I manage it that way.

I've noticed that too, and it's not worth adjusting too much -- I'm working down the rename list, and I don't expect there will be many more renames. I think the best solution is just to complete the necessary renames, since it needs doing anyway - tagging them like you have has been great.

posted 999 days ago

Amazing work, I'll get into moving those over. Thanks for all your efforts to clean things up!!!

posted 1004 days ago

Hm, that's a pretty good question. I could go either way, but I think maybe marking them for rename and in the history just stating 'removed'? They should prob reflect what they last looked like in game, but listing the name change and removal in change history seems excessive in my opinion.

What do you think?

posted 1029 days ago

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