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Profile Page - General


Hello there [Insert Name Here]! You here because you saw me on the forums, youtube, Minecraft,twitter, or some other social media website! If you did.....that's creepy. Anyway, this is a profile page that will show off some things about me. So let's go.

Social Media

On the internet, I'm a Youtuber going by the alias of Littleman9Mew2. This name is chosen for the long use of the name "Littleman" in many profile in the past, the number 9 signifies my lucky number, and Mew2 because Mewtwo is my favorite pokemon. And also on some sites if I put "Littleman9Mewtwo" the name is too long. I have a twitter going by @Littleman9Mew2 and a Youtube channel where I post stuffs from a let's play to technical stuff on various games.

Real Life

I'm male. I'm 19 Years old, graduated from high school. My first name is [REDACTED].

I have friends in life that also are my friends on the digital world, who also like to play the same stuff as I do from time to time.

Profile Page - Gaming

This is stuff I comment on, it may update from time to time, but not too often (to keep my edits on the profile low)


This isn't the first wiki I've been on, I've been on Minecraft wiki (though I haven't done anything but browse), and many Wikia wiki's in the past. This game is recent and needs a LOT of work done, I like how the assets are so open to everyone so it's easy to go and find the technical information about stuff. (Such as the dead core block for example)


[sarcasm]I HATE IT![/sarcasm] I wouldn't have gone to make an account if I didn't like something. This was a game that peaked my interest when the Youtuber "Chippygaming" was playing a miniseries on it the other day. I had a steam card with 20$ left on it so I decided to go and purchase this game. With the flock of players due to 1.0 release, I know I was going to have an interesting game play!

That is, when something horrible happened.

The game didn't work. D:.

Then I msg the devs about the problem, and I wasn't the first.

After 1.1 came out, I then use the 32 bit to play on my PC as it's the only thing that does work. I then check the system requirements and I have to say, I don't know any other game on my computer that comes CLOSE to what Starbound needs.

ANYWAY I love the game, I already put plenty of time into it. So cheers!


I have an account, I use command blocks and redstone in fun ways, I play on a multiplayer server that has been running for 5 years on the same map! Also hacks on the server is allowed, so yeah. The spamming is real. I'm loving 1.9 and 1.11 with the new end content and shulker boxes!


The same story as with Starbound.

Games in General

I like sandbox games, but also exploration games. Sometimes games that have modding potential are ones that I like to do. Not only that but I also enjoy many other games, like puzzle games, horror, shooter, RPG, and sometimes MMO's. I played on consoles as well, but only the classics. I think that the difference between a gamer and a fanboy is that a gamer is willing to play a game no matter the console, or device. You could say I enjoy some Five Nights at Freddy's along with Dead Space, or Final Fantasy or some classic Sonic or Mario. The main reason into why I like most games was because I grew up on both Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, AND XBOX!

Profile Page - Quote

"I see now the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant. it's what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are." ~Mewtwo