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Custom 1Starbounder ~ Highest Edit Streak: 276
Custom 2Risk of Rain ~ Highest Damage Dealt: 480080
Other information
TVImpractical Jokers, Mythbusters... but really I rarely watch TV. Youtube's where it's at.
MusicTouhou musics, da-ze~ ...generally video game soundtracks.
Video gamesStarbound, Team Fortress 2, Touhou Project, Risk of Rain
Edits 1,244
Personal information
BirthdayDecember 18th
About mePerfectionist pixel artist and unmotivated Starbound modder. I might pop in every now and then for some image edits or whatever, so make sure to clear your image cache if something looks oddly stretched. My userpage features a few experiments and such.

I was one of the spriters for the TouhouBound mod, until Kitaen Silva went missing. I'm currently the only member known to be working on the mod, and even I haven't done much lately. Maybe once the nightly overhauls go stable... maybe then...

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posted 1858 days ago

It's not just you, that's strange. Thanks for the heads up, I'm going to look into it.

posted 1915 days ago

I think it looks much better now. :) Not sure about others though.

posted 1916 days ago

Could you perhaps create test image with a space in between the blocks? (9 block foreground gap between then the 9 block background)

posted 1935 days ago

I am indeed seeing massive walls of image edits. Great work!

posted 1991 days ago

Welcome to Starbounder! I'm Katzeus, an administrator here. Please contact me if you have any questions or I can help with anything!