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Real namePhillip M.
Websitesthe blog I almost never use:

My github account:

Schoolsgraduated from a private Christian school so small that I still need to get a GED to get into the college I'm trying for. Oh well, at least I'll be able to say I graduated twice? Sigh...
About mehi, I'm Twisted Code, but you can just call me Twisted. I'm a quadriplegic gamer that, surprisingly, has managed to play (almost, the exception being TF2) all my favorite games in spite of my injury. I am also a Christian, a brony, and an aspiring programmer, but you can read more about all that here, on my more extensive bio:
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Yeah, the site is set to require the captcha on any page creation - is it causing issues for you?

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When leaving messages on talk pages, please sign your message with --~~~~. This is help make it clear who is talking in any given conversation. (The symbols will automatically convert to the appropriate signature.)

Also, please try to keep your page edit summaries succinct. It would be preferable to keep the page history tidy.

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