Portable Pixel Printer

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Portable Pixel Printer Icon.png
Portable Pixel Printer
Portable Pixel Printer.png

Unlocks the ability to craft small hi-tech items on the fly.

Value 0

Portable Pixel Printer is an upgrade to basic crafting that's made using a Research Station.

Using it will unlock the ability to craft more advanced items with the 'Basic Crafting' window, these recipes can then be used anywhere without a crafting station. A number of these unlocked recipes only require pixels as a material.

After unlocking the message will appear, "You can now print small hi-tech items without a crafting table."

New Item Materials
Cheap Light Icon.png Cheap Light
Hi-tech Block Icon.png Hi-tech Block
Light Metal Icon.png Light Metal
Nanostove Icon.png Nanostove
Nanowrap Bandage Icon.png Nanowrap Bandage
Modern Platform Icon.png Modern Platform
Red Toy Block Icon.png Red Toy Block
Reinforced Tech Block Icon.png Reinforced Tech Block
Sliding Door Icon.png Sliding Door
Smooth Metal Icon.png Smooth Metal
Smooth Plated Block Icon.png Smooth Plated Block
Tungsten Block Icon.png Tungsten Block
Wall Panel Icon.png Wall Panel



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem portable3dprinter
File Name portable3dprinter.unlock
File Path assets/items/generic/unlock
Durasteel Bar Icon.png Durasteel