USCM Bunker

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Removed: No Longer Available

USCM Bunker was removed from the game files, and is no longer obtainable.
It was included as placeholder content during early access, and replaced before full release

USCM Bunker was a Human Dungeon made up of complex underground tunnels. There was a small building on the surface that typically contained a Serpent Droid. Near that building was the entrance tunnel leading down to the main bunker.

Inside the bunker were many Human enemies armed primarily with Pulse Rifles, Flamethrowers, and Nightsticks. Several unique monsters were also present, including Repairbots, Cleaning Bots, and Serpent Droids.

Fridges here contained Kiwi and Milk.

Lore Books

Personnel Log Icon.png USCM Personnel Log #12572
USCM Personnel Log 54126 Icon.png USCM Personnel Log #54126
USCM Personnel Log 58719 Icon.png USCM Personnel Log #58719
USCM Personnel Log 58991 Icon.png USCM Personnel Log #58991

USCM Personnel Log 60102 Icon.png USCM Personnel Log #60102
USCM Personnel Log 99999 Icon.png USCM Personnel Log #99999
New Policy Icon.png A New Policy
Humans Icon.png Greenfinger's Notes: Humans

The Beast Icon.png Greenfinger's Notes: The Beast
Bunker Busters Icon.png Bunker Busters
Handbook Icon.png USCM Field Handbook
Standing Orders Icon.png Subject: Standing Orders


USCM Bunker.png

Name Rarity Type
Anomalous Display Icon.png Anomalous Display Common
Glass Panel Icon.png Glass Panel Common
Metal Bookcase Icon.png Metal Bookcase Common
Modern Chair Icon.png Modern Chair Common
Small Console Icon.png Small Console Common
Space Heater Icon.png Space Heater Common
Statistical Display Icon.png Statistical Display Common

This section will list locations where this Dungeon can be found.

It will have coordinate links once the planet project is underway.