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Art in Starbound is a variety of decorative objects that are placeable against wall tiles. These include paintings, signs, and banners.

Art has different styles for each of the races. Floran for example have a tribal style and their art reflects that with animal skins and primitive drawings. Some races emulate paintings from one another, having the same piece with an Apex or Glitch instead of a human.

Art also encompasses banners, which are widely used in Avian and Apex structures.


Abstract Painting.png Classic Painting.png Famous Poet Portrait.png Glitchspeare Portrait.png
Apex Poet Portrait.png Persistence of Pixels.png Gothic Painting.png Curious Painting.png
Glitchian Man.png Traditional Wave Painting.png Traditional Mount Painting.png Modern Painting.png
Rainbow Painting.png Studies in Female Hylotlgy.png Self-Portrait of Hylotl-Shu.png Hylotl Warrior Painting.png
Traditional Bridge Painting.png Frontier Plains Painting.png Frontier Wagon Painting.png Frontier Mooshi Painting.png

Apex Posters

Apex Level 01 Sign.png Ape Flu Poster.png Big Ape Poster.png Banana Propaganda Poster.png
Obey Sign.png Glorious Leader Painting.png Apex Portrait.png Standard Issue Painting.png
Big Ape Cross-Stitch.png Calming Poster.png Disobey Sign.png Fancy Plaque.png

Floran Tribal Hangings

Primitive Glyph Art.png Long Black Pelt.png Small Black Pelt.png Primitive Fire Art.png
Small Snowy Pelt.png Large Snowy Pelt.png Large Brown Pelt.png Primitive Abstract Art.png
Primitive Leaf Painting.png Primitive Chart Art.png

Banners / Wall Hangings

Colourful Tapestry.png Small Colourful Tapestry.png Avian Small Banner.png Large Glitch Banner.png
Small Glitch Banner.png Avian Colourful Banner.png Avian Patterned Banner.png Avian Lunar Banner.png
Small Dark Glitch Banner.png Large Dark Glitch Banner.png


Medical Bay Sign.png Electricity Warning Sign.png Arrow Sign.png Red Danger Sign.png
USCM Sign.png Arcade Sign.png Blue Neon Shop Sign.png Blue Neon Sign.png
Blue Shell Sign.png Cell Block Sign.png Do Not Enter Sign.png Green Lily Pad Sign.png
Green Neon Pod Sign.png Green Neon Sign.png Horizontal Danger Sign.png Mess Hall Sign.png
Mining Hazard Sign.png Neon Open Sign.gif Orange Apex Sign.png Orange Neon Collector Sign.png
Orange Neon Sign.png Reassignment Sign.png Sale Sign.png Soft Drink Sign.png
Vertical Danger Sign.png Neon Hylotl Sign.png Death Warning Sign.png Power Sign.gif


"No Escape" Graffiti.png 'Waz' Graffiti.png Graffiti.png Graffiti5.png
Graffiti2.png Graffiti4.png Tally Marks.png


Decorative Alien Mask.png Decorative Bird Mask.png Decorative Human Mask.png Decorative Priest Mask.png
Decorative Skull Mask.png Decorative Troll Mask.png Decorative Wiseman Mask.png


Action Movie Poster.png Hylotl City Poster.png Comedy Movie Poster.png Warning Poster.png
Moleman Poster.png Motivational Poster.png Numi Poster.png Romantic Movie Poster.png
Warrior Movie Poster.png Vintage Library Poster.png


Treasure Map.png Avian Emblem.png Avian Moon Emblem.png Decorative Sun.png
Blue Neon Symbol.png LED Recruitment Panel.png Medieval Map.png Green Neon Symbol.png
Hylotl "Leap" Calligraphy.png Hylotl "Croak" Calligraphy.png Hylotl "Pond" Calligraphy.png Hylotl "Ribbit" Calligraphy.png
Hylotl "Lily" Calligraphy.png Nameplate.png Wanted Poster.png