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Bartwe was a programmer with Chucklefish who worked on Starbound. He's since left the team to develop his own game, Staxel.

Bio originally on Starbound's Team page

Hi I will be your code simian for today, our specials are procedural generation and bugs.
If you have any questions about underground architecture water physics related injuries,
please don’t hesitate to ask one of the OTHER code simians. Thank you.

Development Streams

Bartwe live-streamed Starbound coding and testing on a regular basis. His Twitch channel was one of the best sources of new game information outside of official announcements.

He usually did not save his streams for later viewing, so players would watch them live for development insights.

He revealed in one of his later streams that he had streamed over 1000 hours of Starbound development on his twitch channel.[2]