Flesh Strand

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Flesh Strand Icon.png
Flesh Strand
Crafting Material
Flesh Strand.png

A long, sinewy strand of flesh.

Flesh Strand is a crafting material primarily used for furniture and blocks. It is obtained by breaking fleshy bushes and trees found in Flesh mini biomes.

After looting it for the first time, players will automatically learn the crafting schematics for Bloody Puss and Flesh Chunk.


Unlocks Recipes
Flesh Chunk Icon.png Flesh Chunk
Bloody Puss Icon.png Bloody Puss

Ingredient for

Bloody Puss Icon.png Bloody Puss 1
Flesh Bed Icon.png Flesh Bed 40
Flesh Chunk Icon.png Flesh Chunk (20) 3
Flesh Chair Icon.png Flesh Chair 15
Flesh Chest Icon.png Flesh Chest 20
Flesh Door Icon.png Flesh Door 30
Flesh Table Icon.png Flesh Table 25


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem fleshstrand
File Name fleshstrand.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting