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The metadata file replaces the [MODNAME].modinfo file as of version 1.0 (Cheerful Giraffe, released July 22nd, 2016)[1]. It's an entirely optional JSON file that contains a set of entirely optional parameters. [2].

The metadata file can be named either _metadata or .metadata[3] and is placed at the root of a mod's folder.

(Note: Windows generally takes issue with any file that starts with a period. It's been suggested to either use _metadata for the filename, or name it .metadata. [4] Windows will strip the trailing period.

If you are using Steam for windows, you can upload a mod using the Mod Uploader Tool. This will automatically generate a metadata file for you. Simply click the normal play from Steam, and select the "Launch Mod Uploader Tool" and follow along with the instructions. It should be noted, however, that the uploader does not have fields for "requires", "includes", "priority" or "link", but will not harm any already contained in the file. Should these parameters be needed in a Steam upload, they will need to be manually added prior to uploading.

The metadata file contains general information about the mod, much of which will be displayed in mod's information section via the mod list on the Starbound title screen. (Note: parameter order doesn't matter, and that each parameter is optional; Starbound will load just fine without it. You could for example create a metadata file that only contained an author parameter, or a metadata file that included every parameter except a version number. If you don't need a parameter, don't include it. However, for the sake of releasing mods on Steam, it's strongly suggested you set the name, friendlyname, description and version parameters.

Here's an example of a metadata file that includes every parameter:
  "name" : "coolmod",
  "friendlyName" : "Cool mod",
  "description" : "This a cool mod!",
  "author" : "XxX-Cool mod Creator-XxX",
  "version" : "2.00 Alpha Gold",
  "link" : "",
  "steamContentId" : "000000001",
  "tags" : "Crafting and Building|Weapons|Armor and Clothes",
  "includes" : ["coolmodv1"],
  "requires" : ["anothermod", "coolmod2"],
  "priority" : 0
Entry Description
name The "behind the scenes" name that is used by other mods. The "requires" and "includes" use this parameter.
friendlyName The name that'll show up mostly everywhere else.
description The description of the mod.
Type '\n' for a new line, and escape quotations with a \, such as
"description" : "This mod is \"cool\", if you know what I mean.\n:)"
author The author of the mod.
version The version of the mod.
link An URL that links to the mod. (Steam Workshop URL, Chucklefish Forum, Github,, etc)
steamContentId Each Steam workshop item has a unique ID. The Mod Uploader Tool available with Starbound's Steam version will fill this in automatically. Can be quoted (string) or not (number). If the original metadata file is lost, future uploads of a previously uploaded mod will fail unless metadata with a valid ID is provided or the name of the mod is changed; the ID for any workshop item can be found in that item's workshop page URL.
tags The workshop's tags this mod is classified as that steam uses. The Mod Uploader Tool offers a list of tags to select from.
includes Any mods listed here will be loaded before this mod (regardless of their priority value), if they exist.
(remember that any parameter is optional! Don't add this if you don't need it!)
requires Any mods listed here will be required, will be loaded before this mod (regardless of their priority value), and the game will error at startup if these mods aren't present.
(remember that any parameter is optional! Don't add this if you don't need it!)
priority The lower the number, the sooner it'll be loaded[5]. The base assets.pak has a priority of -9999.
This value will be ignored if another mod has this mod in it's includes or requires, and will be forced to load right before that other mod's priority value.
(remember that any parameter is optional! Don't add this if you don't need it!)

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