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Main Goals

The main goal of the guides project is to make a listing of easy to use guides and tutorials. This can be for new players, new areas, or completing specific goals.

Ideally guides are as generic as possible, not listing specific coordinates or item locations.

The goal here isn't to have 10 guides to do the same thing! One guide for farming, one guide for mining, etc. Try to keep guides concise and specific and edit existing guides as you see fit. Also, any guides here are public for editing, if there's a reason you'd like your guide locked contact the wiki staff.

Create a new guide by naming the page 'Guide:(PAGE NAME)', then make sure to list it below!!

Completed Guides

Gameplay and Mechanics


Modding Guides

Wiki Editing Guides

In-Progress Guides

Suggested Guides

  • Crafting Guide
  • Protecting T6 Colonies
  • Using Tenants

Project Participants

Discontinued Guides

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