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posted one day 6 hours 19 minutes ago

does anyone actually monitor the account Abuse Filter's board-to-board conversations? because I just put a message on his board asking about the captcha that sometimes appears when trying to edit a page.

(in hindsight, I would've -for personal reasons- preferred to keep that message private, but until just now, I thought messaging like this would be private. is there anything you can do to help me with that? There doesn't appear to be a way to delete my message)

posted 80 days ago

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When trying to upload avataR

posted 80 days ago

Hey, I am a complete noobie to this game. Can you link me to the best and most basic beginners startup tips and such? I'm having a hard time knowing what to do on the world i've beamed down in.

posted 100 days ago

Hey hey,

Do you mind if I move the Crop Images/Sortable table here, , to here, ? (And maybe add it as a sub-content page on the main page for "Crops" when I'm done doing the moving?)

Let me know, thanks!

posted 124 days ago

I have a suggestion for handling administrative issues on this wiki: Create a admin noticeboard (Project:Admin Noticeboard) where users can post issues like on a talk page. While the message board here is nice, it's hard to follow specific threads and see which issues have already been discussed and/or resolved.

I've seen admin pages successfully used on some other wikis like wikipedia:Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard, the Path of Exile wiki or the Guild Wars 2 wiki.

posted 127 days ago

Image files don't use colons though, since they don't include the "Greenfinger's Notes" part of the codex title at all. For example, the icon for Greenfinger's Notes: Loose Ends is simply File:Loose Ends.png.

posted 127 days ago

Alrighty. Thanks for clarification! :)

posted 127 days ago

Apologies for duplicate message - feel free to delete the first one.

posted 127 days ago

So yeah, about the colon on Greenfinger's Notes - looking over the history of these articles, it seems you deliberately removed it previously? Why's that?

posted 127 days ago

So yeah, about the colon on Greenfinger's Notes - it seems you deliberately removed it previously? Why's that?