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Saving in Starbound is a complex procedure. Every aspect of the game is saved separately in a certain location, making it possible to manipulate parts of a save independently, to an extent. Most often knowing the structure of the save is required for doing universe reset. Save location in Starbound (as of version 1.4) is at

[Starbound directory]/storage/

If you wish to experiment with mods it is highly recommended to backup this directory.

Universe save structure

Universe of Starbound is procedurally generated and preserved at

[Starbound directory]/storage/universe

Save structure is as follows:



Contains known starsystem locations. Each star which you have seen in navigation console (farthest zoom level) is partially saved here. Only star name, seed, location and information on planets (only type and slot) is saved in this file. Results of deleting this file vary depending on whether star generation code has been modded.


Contains outpost state and universe unique identifier. If this file is lost or corrupted everyone in server loses their bookmarks/teleport locations (because the unique identifier is lost) and outpost state is reset.

If your only desire is to reset the outpost it is highly recommended to use the appropriate console command instead of deleting this file.

(hex string).clientcontext

Contains current ship location, current player location, admin state. If this file is deleted the player's ship will be teleported to a new randomly chosen starting planet (Lush type of lowest difficulty).


Contains description of a star system.

(XCoord)_(YCoord)_(uuid)_(Planet number)_(Moon number).world

Contains planet/moon data. (Starbound considers a planet orbiting another planet a moon; if the file refers to a planet orbiting the star itself, 'moon number' part is absent). Everything that is built or preexisting in that planet/moon. If this file is deleted, that specific planet/moon gets reset to its original state. The more the player modifies a certain planet, the bigger this file get.

Player save structure

Universe Reset

Universe reset, also known as 'Universe wipe', is an action of reverting the universe of Starbound to its initial state prior to being modified by a player. The easiest (and the most crude) way to do this is to delete the entire storage/universe directory.

Universe reset is necessary when universe generation is changed (most probably via modding the game). If a part of the save is corrupted and it is possible to track the corruption to a certain planet, wiping that planet instead of the whole universe is less damaging.