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This is a list of common templates used around the Starbounder wiki.

For more complete lists see Category:Templates and Special:Templates.

Info Boxes

These are the description boxes that appear in the top right corners of articles. The info box text is usually at the very top of the article. The base template is here: InfoBox

ArmorboxBossGunboxIngredientItemboxMonsterMonsterboxQuestboxRace InfoboxSetboxSetpiecesStaffboxUniqueNPCWeaponbox

Nav Boxes

These boxes appear below articles and contain links to many pages related to the current article. Nav boxes are named within the Ref template. The base template is here: Navbox

Ancient Strip LightsBiomeBossesBowsBugsCapesCropsFoodHeartforgeHatsInstrumentsLiquidsLorenavModdingOreRace navboxRailsSeedsTechTechupgradesThrowingweaponsTiered Armor SetsToolsToymakerstableUniqueMonstersVendorWiring



Wiki Framework

BiomeObjectsContainsCraftingCraftingStationDataEffectsHistoryIngredientForItemgalleryNameObjects FoundPlanetsPlanetListRaceQuotesInputRaceQuotesOutputRefSee alsoSpoiler

Main Pages

Countdown TimerLastUpdateMainIndexMainLinksMainMenuOfficiallinksRSSQuestlistRacesSitenoticeStatistics

Article Tags

These get placed at the top of articles. (but below the info box code)

At the bottom of the page are links to all articles on the wiki that have each tag.


Unobtainable objects are objects that appear during normal gameplay but are not meant to be lootable by players, such as Status Pods.

Unobtainable Object

Wiki Templates is an object unobtainable by players through normal means. This item's information is present in the game files, but not intended by developers to be in players' possession.


This tag is for things that have been entirely removed from the assets, such as Divern.

Removed: No Longer Available

Wiki Templates was removed from the game files, and is no longer obtainable.
It was included as placeholder content during early access, and replaced before full release


This tag is for things that are still present in the assets but do not appear anywhere during normal gameplay, such as Portable Pixel Printer.

Disabled: Not currently available

Wiki Templates is currently disabled from the game. Assets for this exist within the game files, but will not be encountered through normal gameplay.


This tag is for items that are unobtainable or do not appear ingame due to an error in their asset files.

Error Left.png
Faulty File Data

Wiki Templates has content present in the game files that appears to be incomplete or incorrect. This information may change before the full release.

Error Right.png


Articles that have incomplete, missing, or copied information. If they need renamed, follow the steps in the article on renaming pages.


This article is based off game data that appears to be incomplete, missing, or copied from somewhere else. This information is likely to change in upcoming updates.


Articles that need major expansion, as they usually only have the barest of information present just to have a wiki page set up. Many times articles will remain stubs until more information is released, such as Terraforming.

Article Stub

This article is a stub. You can help Starbound's official Wiki by expanding it!


Large articles that are incomplete and need finished, such as Guide:Getting Started.

Mining Hazard Sign.png
Work In Progress!
Mining Hazard Sign.png

This help page or section is currently in the process of an expansion or major restructuring.
You are welcome to assist in its construction by editing it as well.

Last edited by Blackice on 2017-07-11 19:02:08.

{{Delete|"Reason deletion is needed"}}

Articles that are awaiting deletion by a wiki administrator. When placing this tag, please provide a reason for why article needs deleted.

Marked for Deletion

This page and its content are flagged for deletion for the following reason:
"reason for deletion"

{{Cleanup|"Reason clean up is needed"}}

Articles that have a decent amount of information but needs a major update, usually because the information is now outdated. A current example is the Tier page.


This article has been marked for cleanup for the following reason:
"Reason clean up is needed"


Disambiguation Page for Wiki Templates

This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title.
If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.


Player Death Thumb.gif Needs Images

This article may require additional images to meet quality standards or to update information that is out of date. You can help Starbounder by Uploading and adding images to this article