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Planet Sizes define the generation parameters for specific planet sizes. They are defined in the Planet Sizes Object in Planetgen.config. Their ids are set as the keys of the Planet Sizes Object. They are referenced by Satellite Variation Parameters and Planet Variation Parameters.

Key Value Pairs

Key Value Type Value Subtype Description Valid Values
size Array Number Width and height of the explorable area Array Length 2
description String
surfaceLevel Number Height of the start of the surface layer
undergroundLevel Number Height of the start of the underground layer
bedrockLevel Number Height of the start of the core layer
lavaLevel Number Height of the start of lava
spaceBoundary Number Height of the start of space layer
blendSize Number
deadZoneSize Number
detachedBiomeCount Number Maximum number of detached surface biomes
detachedBiomeRadius Number
undergroundDetachedBiomeCount Number Maximum number of detached underground biomes
undergroundDetachedBiomeRadius Number
undergroundDetachedBiomeEnvironmentRadius Number
undergroundDetachedBiomeHeightVariance Number
undergroundDetachedBiomeCaveFactor Number
undergroundLayers Number Number of underground layers, each may have different biomes
surfaceDungeonCount Number Maximum number of dungeons that can spawn on the surface


 "foo" : {
   "size" : [2048, 1504],
   "description" : "foo",
   "surfaceLevel" : 380,
   "undergroundLevel" : 340,
   "bedrockLevel" : 280,
   "lavaLevel" : 32,
   "spaceBoundary" : 1000,
   "blendSize" : 60,
   "deadZoneSize" : 0,
   "detachedBiomeCount" : 1,
   "detachedBiomeRadius" : 190,
   "undergroundDetachedBiomeCount" : 5,
   "undergroundDetachedBiomeRadius" : 400,
   "undergroundDetachedBiomeEnvironmentRadius" : 410,
   "undergroundDetachedBiomeHeightVariance" : 20,
   "undergroundDetachedBiomeCaveFactor" : 1.0,
   "undergroundLayers" : 1,
   "surfaceDungeonCount" : 1