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This is a property of type String.

It holds an Apex quote for something.

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'Waz' Graffiti +It says 'WAZ'. Poignant.  +


Abstract Painting +Are the Apex still capable of such beauty?  +
Air Vent +An air vent.  +
Alien Bed +This bed is not very reassuring.  +
Alien Chair +This chair is not very reassuring.  +
Alien Door +An alien door, might be used for an alien plant jail.  +
Alpaca Growth Rune +It's an ancient rune that means personal growth.  +
Anchor +A heavy piece of iron, an anchor perhaps.  +
Anomalous Display +A holographic orb. It appears to be significant.  +
Antenna +An antenna.  +
Apex Captain's Chair +Ahh freedom...  +
Apex Male Bust +I wonder how many families this guy has destroyed.  +
Apex Poet Portrait +Apex poetry was burned and outlawed many years ago.  +
Apex Sandstone Statue +This Apex looks familiar. I think she was a pro-wrestler.  +
Apple Basket +Delicious red apples packed with nutrients.  +
Arcade Machine +The Apex rarely play games.  +
Armour Shop Sign +A wooden sign. Looks like it belongs to an armour shop.  +
Arrow Sign +Miniknog arrows probably shouldn't be followed.  +
Automato Seed +Automatos... pretty standard, if you don't break your teeth on the screws.  +
Avesmingo +They say this has a hundred different flavours. Is banana one of them?  +
Avesmingo Seed +They say this has a hundred different flavours. Is banana one of them?  +
Avian Bunny Statue +A rabbit statue. What does it mean?  +
Avian Captain's Chair +Ahh freedom...  +
Avian Emblem +It's carved entirely from one piece of stone. This must have taken years of work.  +
Avian Prayer Altar +An altar. It's covered in intricate carvings of an Avian with wings.  +
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