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This is a property of type String.

It holds a Floran quote for something.

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'Waz' Graffiti +Floran write messsssage on wall in blood.  +


... +...  +


Abstract Painting +Floran longss to ssee the jungle ssky again.  +
Air Vent +Vent.  +
Alien Bed +Floran like weird plantsss bed.  +
Alien Chair +Floran like weird plantsss chair.  +
Alien Door +Floran like plantsss door.  +
Alien Striped Block +SSssstripey wood. Makess sstripy housse!  +
Alpaca Growth Rune +Ancient runesss... this means personal growth. Cannot eat...  +
Anchor +Iron hook, very heavy.  +
Ancient Brick +Ancient brick.  +
Ancient Platform +An ancient platform made up of some kind of technological rock.  +
Anomalous Display +Floran punch ball. Ball not bounce.  +
Antenna +Floran could use this to ssstab.  +
Apex Captain's Chair +SSsmells of Apex butt.  +
Apex Male Bust +Ssstone dinner makes for broken teeth.  +
Apex Poet Portrait +Old monkey, sssilly costume.  +
Apex Sandstone Statue +Ssstony monkey man not good to eat.  +
Apple Basket +Too many fruitsss, not enough meatsss.  +
Arcade Machine +Which button doess Floran press to sstart.  +
Armour Shop Sign +Ssshield ssshop nearby?  +
Arrow Sign +Floran obey no sign.  +
Asphalt +Sssticky asphalt. Floran hatess assphalt.  +
Automato Seed +Flesshy, juicy and red, with crunchy bitsss. Like humansss.  +
Avesmingo +None of these flavours tassste like meatsss.  +
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