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This is a property of type String.

It holds a Glitch quote for something.

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'Waz' Graffiti +Academic. It is possible this is meant to convey the mathematical equation for evolution.  +


... +...  +


Abstract Painting +Wonder. Such expression alludes the Glitch, we are creatures of reason.  +
Air Vent +Identify. Vent.  +
Alien Bed +Hypothesis. The bed is alien and alive. frightening.  +
Alien Chair +Hypothesis. The chair is made of alien plant. I will fall if i sit on it. frightening.  +
Alien Door +Statement. An alive door.  +
Alien Striped Block +Interested. It appears the stripes present in this wood is the result of minerals that repel one another.  +
Alpaca Growth Rune +Statement. An Alpacish run that signifies personal growth.  +
Anchor +Informative. The Glitch make use of anchors like these on their great sailing ships.  +
Ancient Brick +An ancient brick.  +
Ancient Platform +An ancient platform made up of some kind of technological rock.  +
Anomalous Display +Terrified. Scans suggest this is... no... it can't be...  +
Antenna +Annoyance. This antenna is playing havoc with my sensors.  +
Apex Captain's Chair +Anticipation. Where to next?  +
Apex Male Bust +Nostalgia. I am reminded of the statues of our kings.  +
Apex Poet Portrait +Familiarity. The Apex appears to be dressed in current Glitch fashion.  +
Apex Sandstone Statue +Statement. A sturdy stone Apex. A fitting portrayal.  +
Apple Basket +Approving. These apples appear to be symmetrical and without blemish.  +
Arcade Machine +Observe. The player with the highest score has the initials CF.  +
Armour Shop Sign +Identify. A sign that marks a Glitch store. In particular an armour shop.  +
Arrow Sign +Considering. Likelihood of correct direction 0.25.  +
Asphalt +Artistic. Readings suggest aesthetic value of this material is below 2%.  +
Automato Seed +Critical. Others remove the screws. The Glitch feel they enhance the flavour.  +
Avesmingo +Investigate. This tastes like... broccoli.  +
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