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This is a property of type String.

It holds a Human quote for something.

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'Waz' Graffiti +Hehe. Waz. You guys.  +


Abstract Painting +What a beautiful piece.  +
Air Vent +A small air vent.  +
Alien Bed +This alien bed get me cold feet.  +
Alien Chair +A chair made of an alien plant. I'm afraid to sit on it.  +
Alien Door +This door looks like a trap.  +
Alpaca Growth Rune +This is an old rune that means personal growth. It looks familiar...  +
Anchor +A massive anchor.  +
Anomalous Display +Wow, is this the moon?  +
Antenna +Is there anybody out there? Wait, I don't wanna know.  +
Apex Captain's Chair +A pretty cool chair.  +
Apex Male Bust +This guy looks important.  +
Apex Poet Portrait +This picture looks familiar...  +
Apex Sandstone Statue +A cool Apex statue. This Apex looks pretty tough.  +
Apple Basket +On closer examination, they're made of wax.  +
Arcade Machine +I need a quarter.  +
Armour Shop Sign +Looks like a sign that sits outside an armour store.  +
Arrow Sign +What's the point if it doesn't tell me what it's pointing to?  +
Automato Seed +A tomato filled with screws. Tasty AND dangerous.  +
Avesmingo +If flavors count, this should cover my five-a-day fifty times over.  +
Avesmingo Seed +If flavours count, this should cover my five-a-day fifty times over.  +
Avian Bunny Statue +A rabbit statue. It must mean something to the Avians.  +
Avian Captain's Chair +A pretty cool chair.  +
Avian Emblem +The eye is creepy. It's as if the Avian god is watching.  +
Avian Prayer Altar +An altar covered in Avian carvings. Perhaps this is their god?  +
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