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This is a property of type String.

It holds a Hylotl quote for something.

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'Waz' Graffiti +This is a word neither I or my translator are familiar with.  +


Abstract Painting +Such artistry. The creator of such a piece would be revered by the Hylotl.  +
Air Vent +Ventilation.  +
Alien Bed +A bed made with an alien plant. It looks comfy but dangerous.  +
Alien Chair +Is this a plant which look like a chair, or a chair which look like a plant?  +
Alien Door +Is this a real door, or just a weird plant?  +
Alpaca Growth Rune +A rune meaning personal growth from a race that spread amoung the stars before even the Hylotl.  +
Anchor +Ah, an anchor, I have heard tales of these smashing through Hylotl structures.  +
Anomalous Display +The orb glows with a cold light. It sends chills through me.  +
Antenna +An antenna.  +
Apex Captain's Chair +Elegant.  +
Apex Male Bust +Machine-produced from common stone.  +
Apex Poet Portrait +An Apex of the Arts, no doubt.  +
Apex Sandstone Statue +A crudely carved Apex. Their simple features suit the rough look.  +
Apple Basket +A basket of land apples. Not as salty as sea apples, but pleasant nonetheless.  +
Arcade Machine +I will obtain a state of Zen and use it to beat the high score.  +
Armour Shop Sign +This sign suggests an armour store.  +
Arrow Sign +Sometimes, to go forwards one must take a step back.  +
Automato Seed +A sweet-tasting fruit. Fine for common, unremarkable dishes.  +
Avesmingo +This has far too many flavours. You can't appreciate any of them.  +
Avesmingo Seed +This has far too many flavours. You can't appreciate any of them.  +
Avian Bunny Statue +Is the rabbit some kind of insult? Does it mark an Avian fallen from grace?  +
Avian Captain's Chair +Elegant.  +
Avian Emblem +The stone looks ready to crumble. It should be preserved.  +
Avian Prayer Altar +Such piety is not the way forwards.  +
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