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This is a property of type String.

It holds a Novakid quote for something.

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Alpaca Growth Rune +It's an ancient rune that means personal growth. Darn-tootin' it is!  +
Antenna +A device to pick up signals.  +


Basic Lamp Post +An electric street lamp.  +
Beanstalk +A beanstalk, it grows up to the sky.  +
Boiler Valve +Turnin' this here valve takes a bit of elbow grease.  +
Brass Lamp Post +The light on this lamp post doesn't flicker like an open flame.  +


Cabin Bunk Bed +Me, well I'd prefer to sleep on the top bunk, closer to the stars.  +
Cabin Chair +Rockin' chairs - Even better than standin' chairs.  +
Cabin Lamp +I prefer gas lights, but this works too.  +
Cabin Stool Table +I could think of a dozen uses of an ol' thing like this.  +
Cabin Table +I wouldn't mind playing a round of cards at this here table.  +
Cacti Block +It's made outta cactus. Better not lean against this.  +
Coral Mirror +The refelction in this mirror is hazy, like looking through water.  +


Decorative Antlers +These antlers are a bit of a brazen display, ain't they?  +
Derrick Statue +This statue is dedicated to a creature named Derrick, who seemingly vanished from his owner.  +


Earth Model +Earth. We hardly knew yee.  +
Eight +An eight.  +


Five +A five.  +
Floop +It's a floop sign! Whoopie!  +
Floor +It's a floor sign! Whoopie!  +
Floor Gear +Not even a little grease will get this ol' thing movin' again.  +
Four +A four.  +
Frog Merchant +Don't see many frog merchants round these parts!  +


Gothic Bed +Makes me feel like I'm in a funeral home, or somethin'.  +
Gothic Bookcase +I feel like this woulda been purtier without the black finish.  +
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