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This is a property of type String.

It contains the completionText related to quests.

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Quest/apex mission1 +You've found all the clues we need to locate the Apex artifact! This is brilliant, dear - we've come so far.  +
Quest/apex mission2 +I'm so pleased our band is growing; that we're gathering allies along with the artifacts. It's almost like starting a new Protectorate...  +
Quest/avian mission1 +With that last clue we've got all we need to find the Avian artifact! Thank you for all that hard work.  +
Quest/avian mission2 +Another artifact in place. We're getting there steadily, dear. Well done!  +
Quest/bootship +SAIL is awake! Now you have some guidance, and some company.  +
Quest/destroyruin +Even after everything, I'm sure you have plenty more adventures to go on. At least take this, dear.  +
Quest/firstcrops +Finally, farming begins to pay off! I should see what else I can find to grow.  +
Quest/floran mission1 +You did it! That was the last clue we needed. I know just where the Floran artifact is now.  +
Quest/floran mission2 +Excellent, you did wonderfully! We're one sixth of the way there, dear. Nothing to sniff at. And now we have ^orange;Nuru^reset; to help us, too.  +
Quest/floranarena1 +You ssurvived! Knew you'd make it. Good job, champ!  +
Quest/floranarena2 +You beat Volo! This is a lot of fun. Here's your second trophy!  +
Quest/floranarena3 +You made it! Even with all the fire! Impresssive! Here, take Templar Inferno's sword - You deserve it, champion! Don't ask how I got it.  +
Quest/ftlrepairmain +It's working! I can finally visit other star systems!  +
Quest/fuel +I've got the fuel I need! I can ^green;load it into the ship at the ships ^orange;fuel gauge. ^white;Then use the navigator to take me to another nearby star system.  +
Quest/gaterepair +Thank you for joining me dear. With your help I know we can triumph.  +
Quest/glitch mission1 +That last clue has confirmed the location of the Glitch artifact! Excellent. Congratulations dear.  +
Quest/glitch mission2 +I'm so proud of you! After all you've done, I know that you're equal to the challenge we face. And as for the woman you fought again... ^orange;My old journal^white; might give you some answers.  +
Quest/hoe +This should do the job! With this and a watering can I can get to work growing crops.  +
Quest/human mission1 +Perfect! These'll do the job. I'll go ahead and fix up yer ship right now.  +
Quest/hylotl mission1 +That was the last clue we needed to find the Hylotl artifact. Wonderful work, dear.  +
Quest/hylotl mission2 +Well done for saving the artifact, dear. They're powerful objects, and not safe in the wrong hands...  +
Quest/illegalshipupgrade1 +I'll upgrade yer ship now. I'm sure yer'll be pleased with the level of craftsmanship.  +
Quest/illegalshipupgrade2 +Yer ship'll be upgraded right away. The penguins always do a fine job.  +
Quest/illegalshipupgrade3 +One ship upgrade comin' up!  +
Quest/illegalshipupgrade4 +Yer lucky there's so much space in space! Yer ship'll have room to spare after this upgrade.  +
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